Auto Car Hauler

Truck Dispatch Service For Car Haulers and Auto Transporters

Dispatchers Club now offers full service car hauler dispatch service for car haulers and auto transporters. If you are interested in working in car hauling this is the truck dispatch package for you. Our car hauler truck dispatch service can help you increase your profit while greatly helping your company find high paying cars that need to be shipped. Let us do the hunting while you focus on driving and building your customer repertoire.

Many car haulers rely on themselves to dispatch their next load. This is very time consuming and is not efficient for optimizing a profitable car hauling operation. The best cars are posted and booked within minutes. With Dispatchers Club, you have someone constantly monitoring the load boards to find you the highest paying vehicle.


Car Hauling Dispatch Service from Dispatchers Club is an all-inclusive dispatching package. You no longer have to sit at truck stops searching for high paying loads. Our team of expert auto transport dispatchers are here to help serve you! Whether you have an enclosed or an open trailer we are here to help find you the best vehicles to transport.

As professional dispatchers our focus relies on the driver and on excellent communication between all parties involved. We communicate with the driver in a prompt and respectful manner. Together we build the best routes and lanes to run, based upon what preferences you may have. It is important to us to construct a professional business relationship based on trust and respect with each and every driver we work with.

After a vehicle has been transported we send out the BOL and Invoice to make sure that you get paid fast and on time! Our car hauler dispatchers work to get majority COD loads so that you have the cashflow that your auto transport company requires.

Let's Haul the Cars together!

Dispatchers Club car hauler dispatch service significantly helps those looking to get into the auto transport industry. Our dispatchers watch the load boards, hunting and working to get you the highest paying vehicles! Give us a call today at +1 832 422 5535 to learn more about how our truck dispatch service can help you as a car hauler!