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Real Numbers, No Fluff.

Dispatchers Club provides Independent Dispatch Services in North America and the United States. We handles all back office paperwork, detention collection, and factoring, invoicing, and all other admin tasks. We discover the most active loads required for your freight wants and acquire the best rate available according to the market condition.

  • Dedicated 24/7 Personal Dispatcher.

  • Expert Load Negotiations.

  • Back Office Administration.

  • Market Data Analysis

  • Carrier-Broker Agreement Setup

  • Roadside/Carrier Services Support

Delivered Goods

Delivered Goods

How We Started
& Where We're now!

Dispatchers Club was started with a vision of offering quality dispatching services to all trucking companies across North America including small fleet operators. After working with several trucking companies, we saw an opportunity needed in the industry so we’re here helping hundreds of owner operators and Truckers.

Trucks on Roads

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Fleet owners can hire the truck dispatch service of Dispatchers Club, risk free. There are no contracts and no commitments. Dispatchers Club takes care of all the operational work so that trucking companies can grow their business.

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