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What type of Trailers do you provide services for?

We provide Service for Semi Truck and Box Trucks only. Trailers we service for are Dry Vans, Reefers (Refrigerated Vans), Flatbeds / Conestogas, Step Decks and Power Only.

We only dispatch Box Trucks 26 feet CDL. We don't dispatch for Sprinter Vans and for Hotshots.

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Payoneer, Xoom and Money Gram. You can transfer funds in our USA bank Account too if needed.

If you have more than 3 trucks, we can offer you some discounts, contact us at +1 832 422 5535

You have to pay after the week, every Friday we send you an invoice with all of the booked loads details.

We don’t have a MC Authority, we only dispatch carriers having their own MCs

Yes, we do!

Motor Carrier Authority, Insurance and filled W9.

Yes, we'll provide you a dedicated dispatcher to work with.

We're partnered with top leading Load boards of US including DAT Truckers Edge, 123Loadbroad, Direct Frieght, Central Dispatch etc.

We've our own subscriptions of different loadboards so you don't need to buy any. however, if you've your own loadboard subscription, we can give you a discount for that!

Your independent dispatcher will find a good load for your trucking company, complete all the paperwork, handle invoicing, chase for detentions/layovers, handle any issues arise in between the transit.